Guide to Making Time to Write


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Guide to Making Time to Write: 100+ Time & Productivity Management Tips for Textbook and Academic Authors

Publisher: Textbook & Academic Authors Association
Paperback: Pages: 56 | Edition: 1st | ISBN: 978-0-9975004-5-5
eBook: Pages: 56 | Edition: 1st | ISBN: 978-0-9975004-6-2
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You know you should be writing at least 15 minutes a day. But with all the demands on your time, how can you find 15 minutes or more to spare? And when you do find the time to write, it’s often hard to break free of the distractions and build momentum in the time that you have. We get it. Making time to write–and doing it productively–can be challenging.

So, to help you succeed, we’ve collected 100+ successful tips and strategies–and a lot of inspiration–from authors who have made the time and made it work. In this Guide to Making Time to Write, you will find just what you need to boost your productivity, adjust your routine, and focus on your writing efforts once and for all. Isn’t it time for you to make the time to write?

Bonus! Seven time & productivity management templates to get you started, plus more than two dozen software recommendations.

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